Lessons from the NET 🎾

I started playing tennis in 2009. I was a #USTA 2.5 (beginner player). In 2010 I had the worst year to date in my life. On Valentine's day I lost a baby to an ectopic pregnancy. A couple months later I was laid off from my high paying commercial banking job. And then - on the day that my spouse received his American passport (sponsored through me) in August - he left me.


My tennis buddies. My coaches. The matches and practices. I had something to live for. To get out of bed for. A reason to go on.

Now - I have a commitment to sharing my L❤️VE for the sport - ensuring that people enjoy their time on the court - so that they don't give up!!! Tennis is an amazing place to meet friends, get fit and de-stress.
And what I have found is keeping a great attitude and having a good time helps you stay emotionally and physically healthy as well as win more matches too!!! I am now married to a dreamy man - who I met on the courts.