Lessons from the NET 🎾

For me - the tennis court had been a macrocosm of my life. All of the emotions, thoughts, experiences and reactions I have in a match is also what's going on in my life too - it just gets concentrated.

When I have a sweet opponent or partner - it's easy - like life. The challenge and growth happens when your partner is a complainer or blamer - and when your opponents are cheating or hating. In women's tennis these things happen - as in life too.

But I do get to choose how I respond. I can: - try to make them change their behavior (rarely works just aggravates them)
- be a victim to their nasty behavior (not good for my emotional state)

Or - continue being sweet, have compassion and empathy - with boundaries - look for the good in them (believe me they always have something positive to look for) and focus back on WHY I PLAY TENNIS. For exercise, social time and most importantly FUN!

I remind myself that I CAN ACCESS MY INNER BLISS no matter what anyone else is saying and doing!