Lessons from the NET 🎾

Anyone who knows me has heard me say that - "Tennis is a microcosm of life! Who you are ON the court is also who you are OFF the court!" Tonight my awesome coach Roberto answered my question about how to go to the next level with my game by saying, "You rely too much on your hands, your instincts - you need to use your body correctly for your game to improve." Of course I knew what he was talking about immediately- because I do the same with my friends, business and pretty much everything in my life.

I "wing it". And that has benefits - like getting stuff done uber fast and not having to deal too much with fear. A sense of false confidence - something that's useful on the court and in life.

But the cost is the cap. You can't go too far just reacting and responding - there is a place for planning and practicing too.
And it's what I'm up to next. Slow and deliberate preparation - well - after I heal from my toe injury!