Lessons from the NET 🎾

Are you having a repetitive crappy experience on the court? Are you getting into fights? Are you constantly injured? Are you losing partners? Are you playing cheaters? Are you leaving the court in a pout?

What I have learned is that if I take responsibility for my own experience on (and off) the court and stop blaming others for my feelings - then I get an opportunity to grow. There are lessons to be learned on the tennis court that are way more useful than how to hit the ball or how to win. For me - learning who I became in the face of loss, bullying and cheating was a useful way to recommit to my inner peace - which flows with only L❤️VE.

Every crappy experience teaches me compassion, equanimity and harmony - in the face of adversity.

In the last 7 years on the court I have learned to be a better woman. I am SO grateful for this sport, my partners and opponents for all of these teachings.