Palm Trees + Tennis Courts

Every single print that is sublimated onto our silky fabric is custom designed just like our court to cocktails tennis dresses.  This print, inspired by Southern Californian living, is of beautiful Palm Trees providing for a gorgeous backdrop for your tennis match.

The process of designing a new piece of art is our founder Adeline thinks of a new print and contacts another tennis player who lives in Miami, Alejandra, to turn it into a digital art piece to the exact dimensions needed.  Next the graphic gets sent to our Los Angeles based sublimation company owner, Young, who prints the paper and heats the art onto our fabric.  All of the art, even if it looks like it's on a black background, gets printed on white.

This ink never fades, nor bleeds, it's a forever piece.  Worn, washed and tested over 8 years, our pieces are designed to last.  The fabric doesn't stretch, shrink, pill nor look old, even after hundreds of washes.

This photo is of Andrea, wearing "The Angelina" dress, proudly printed and stitched in Los Angeles.  We only make 20 or less pieces of each print per style of outfit.  So when you buy one of Love Love Tennis printed tennis apparel, you will be the owner of 1/20 or less!  This dress we only made 8 total, and there is one left in size small (36"-38" hip or size 6).  If you want it click HERE.

If you are looking for a one of a kind print or piece, we are the experts on "haute couture tennis" design.  Much like a custom wedding dress, we can make you a completely custom tennis dress.  And you will wear that MUCH more than ONE time!  Prices start at $3,000.  For tennis team uniforms, or a one of a kind tennis outfit, jewel or bag, contact our CEO and designer HERE.