Positive Thinking to Transform Your Life

Increase the POSITIVE in your life.

The POSITIVE thoughts.
The POSITIVE friends.
The POSITIVE experiences.
The POSITIVE foods.

The more LOVE is around you and in your mind - the healthier and happier your life will be.

Life is way too short for mean women, negative thoughts, unhealthy eating and gossiping.

Gently allow those harmful words in your mind and from outside float away from you.

Stay generous and have fun - you will quickly repel those negative experiences and people.

As one by one they slide out of your life - they will quickly be replaced with kind and amazing WINNERS that love themselves and others unconditionally.

I have never before been blessed with such amazing times and #tennisSisters as I do now.

It took some work to ignore the mess - but as I turned my back on it - I quickly turned my #tennisLife around.

And yes - I win more now too.....