Covid Tennis

Tips For Tennis Players To Stay Healthy

Eat as healthy as possible, get a great nights sleep and stay happy to keep your immune system strong.

Have a shower before your match.  

Take 80% or higher alcohol hand sanitizer with you.

Wear clothes that can be washed in very hot water - such as tennis whites.

Wear gloves, mask and glasses to prevent your hands touching your face during the match.

MOST IMPORTANT: KEEP 6' or more away from others.

Use a fresh grip. And new balls.  Serve with one set and have your opponents serve with a different (make sure the numbers of the two cans are different before you open them)!

Leave used balls on court. Don’t take them home.

Wipe down racket and grip with hot soapy water.  Or better still drop the grip in the rubbish bin before you put it away.

Keep racket in a disposable bag to take to the court and use a fresh one after washing it down.

Wash hands and face thoroughly before getting back in your car.

Shower back at home in hot water.

Wash you clothes quickly don’t let the germs stay in your hamper.

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