Love Love Tennis Etiquette Agreement


Make sure to provide balls and water for your guests.  After the match provide a nice table with a snack and beverage.


Make sure to pay any guest fees that are required.  Adhere to parking, dress code and country club rules.


You must arrive 10 minutes before the match starts, on the court, ready to play.  (Please use the ladies room BEFORE you go down to the court).


Only ILMDP designs should be worn, whether one of our court-to-cocktails dresses or, a skirt and top, this is the uniform of the LOVE LOVE TENNIS league.  Your outfits are included with your membership.


It's in the name, it's all about LOVE.  You must be kind, positive, uplifting, and full of LOVE LOVE.


All of Adeline’s tournament rules must be followed - there are no exceptions.  A 15-minute warm-up is granted - but upon starting - it’s a 9 game set - change sides only once after 4 games - and then break and switch partners.  Write the love note.  Then repeat.


To have an enriching tennis experience with three ladies as partners.  Learning to bring the best out of each partner whilst having fun.  To connect tennis lovers from across the U.S.


Gossiping, cheating or rudeness will not be tolerated.  Keep your match details confidential - unless it's empowering to share.


At LOVE LOVE TENNIS we are not only protective of our member's health physically, but also mentally and emotionally too.  Negativity is unbecoming of a LOVE LOVE TENNIS lady - and membership will be revoked.


You have only truly won if each of your three partners leaves the tennis match feeling LOVED.  Make the best memories by having sweet matches and making friends with everyone that you meet.