Our CEO + Designer Adeline Arjad Cook founded her brand I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER in 2016. Her coaching, programs, books and philosophy are derived from her own success as a tennis player. She started playing at the age of 35, in 2008, as a complete beginner. Although she joined many teams, practiced and took lessons, her own brand of how to become a "winner" was being developed. She managed to go up from NTRP 2.5, to 3.0, to 3.5, to 4.0 and finally 4.5 within 7 years! As she improved and got bumped up, she had to tackle the new level, with a new team and partners too. She had to quickly learn how to play better, bring the best out of her partner, as well as attacking the opponents weaknesses. Now, she has compiled her wisdom and helps other women conquer the game of doubles through her PHYSICAL, MENTAL and INTUITIVE growth processes.


Adeline LOVES talking to other obsessed tennis women who want to improve their doubles performance. Please call Adeline directly on her mobile 310.701.7171 or drop her an e-mail at