"US Open" Canvas print by Joel Leslie

"US Open" Canvas Print by Joel Leslie

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"US Open" by Joel Leslie is an exquisite canvas print, measuring 24" by 36", that vividly captures the essence of a tennis match on the grand stage of the US Open. The artwork is named after this prestigious tournament and features a distinctive color palette dominated by shades of blue and green.

The central focus of the composition is the royal blue tennis court, representative of the iconic playing surface seen at the US Open. This deep and rich blue hue not only symbolizes the competitive intensity of the tournament but also serves as a visually striking foundation for the dynamic action depicted in the artwork.

Surrounding the court is a vibrant kelly green, providing a lively and energetic contrast to the royal blue. This green hue extends beyond the playing area, enveloping the surroundings and creating a harmonious balance between the court and its vibrant setting.